Why Using a Medicine Ball Can Be Effective In Improving Your Golf Swing

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, working out is important if you play golf because it will help you maintain your form and avoid slices, pulls, hooks, or fades.  After all, if you are an avid runner and then stop for a month—chances are you won’t be able to run the way you did a month ago!  While working out in general is important to help you maintain your golf game, one thing that we would like to discuss in this particular blog post is how using a “Medicine Ball” can be extremely useful when you’re trying to keep your drives straight, or improve your follow through to get the most balance in your swing with the proper weight shift after contact.

What is a Medicine Ball?

For those of you that attend the gym on a habitual or once in a while basis, you probably know what it is, as well as the sizes and weights they come in.  For those of you that don’t:  a medicine ball is a small weighted ball (that is able to fit in the palm of your hands) that is used for strength training.

How can you use it to improve your golf swing?

Medicine balls are extremely useful in helping you maintain your core strength—which is also something that you need to work on if you play golf.  In fact, using a medicine ball (or a weighted object of any kind) will help you improve not only your core strength for that next round of golf, but it will help with improving your back strength and your flexibility. This way, you won’t be waking up with a back ache after your next 18 holes.

How to train

Train with a medicine ball by grabbing it with both of your hands and moving it as if you were teeing off on 18.  However, the key is to do it in quick, yet controlled motions.  While most of you might think to do it slower, quick motions will give you a better workout.

Also, don’t forget to use a heavier medicine ball.  Using a heavier ball will not only increase your arm strength, but your core strength as well. Any weighted objects will enhance your swing speed, and provide you with the core strength for a poised and proper follow-through during your next round.

For more tips on how to stay in shape for your next round of golf be sure to check out our blog in the future!  We at Northampton Valley Country Club are always trying to find ways to help golfers play their best!