When Is The Best Time To Plan A Wedding? Find Out Now.

When one of my gal pals extended an offer to be her bridesmaid, I was honored. I couldn’t wait to be part of her wonderful celebration. Her and her finance hadn’t decided on a date once they got engaged around summer 2012. But, then, when she told me January 2014, I was a bit skeptical. The weather might not be as nice as you think, I remember saying. Still, that’s what she wanted and after all, it was her wedding.

On the evening before January 3rd, it snowed profusely and wouldn’t stop. It was one of our worst snow storms of winter. The next day just so happened to be her wedding. It was freezing, snowy and we shivered as we took photos outside. We were troopers and the wedding still continued. It turned out to be a splendid day. I found out she chose this season and this day because it was cheaper.

Weddings in June, July, August and September are the most popular and most expensive.  So, I seriously suggest not choosing one of these months, unless you’re prepared to pay for those prime months. Along with that, the day also matters. Saturday nights seem to be very costly. However, if you plan your wedding on a week day, you’re going to pay a lot less. For the less expensive months, I suggest January, March or December.

Sure, fall and spring weddings are nice, but they seem to be highly priced. My ideal wedding would be in October or March. Just picture leaves changing and falling.

You should never wed on Super Bowl Sunday, any religious holidays, World Series, Labor Day weekend or before Tax Day. Think about it. If you had a huge celebration planned and you received an invite for a wedding the same weekend, I’m sure you wouldn’t cancel your party, would you? You don’t want to put your guests in that position, so just don’t set the date on those days.

Be sure to follow this advice to help save on your costs. And, if you’re looking for a place to plan a beautiful wedding, check out Northampton Valley Country Club. They have an exquisite menu selection, beautiful landscape and they aren’t too expensive. It’s also located in lovely Richboro of Bucks County. Call them today!

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