What is the Right Amount of Money To Spend on a Wedding Gift?

You just received the wedding invitation for your cousin’s or best friend’s wedding in the mail.

What are you thinking?

Maybe you are trying to think of the best way to you tell your boss you need to take off that Friday.

Maybe you are thinking about which dress or suit you will wear.

Or, maybe you are wondering what type of gift you should get the happy couple.

Everyone knows there is stress involved with planning a wedding, but there is also some for the guests—especially if they are young and on a budget. For example, figuring out how much money to spend on a wedding gift, or the amount they should give the couple depends on many things.

What could affect the gift or amount of money you give?

The main thing that will ultimately affect how much money you spend/give will be dependent on your budget. For those of you that are thinking that your gift should reflect how much the couple spent on their wedding (you pay for your dinner) this is just a myth. Think about it: some people spend just a few grand, have a backyard barbecue, or spend over hundreds of thousands of dollars! Looking at it that way could cause you to spend too little or too much!

When it all comes down to it, how much you spend will be dependent on these two things:

  • Your overall budget.
  • How well you know the couple or your relation to them.

How much should you spend if you are a friend or family member?

Of course, the answer to this question will be dependent on your budget. But, one article we found on TheHuffingtonPost.com, Inc. indicated that if it is a friend or relative and you are NOT young or on a budget, you should spend anywhere from $75 to $150. The value should also increase if it is a close friend or family member.

What about weddings for co-workers?

According to that same article, it was suggested that co-workers should spend anywhere from $50 to $75. But, again, how much you give will also be dependent on your relationship with the bride, groom, or both.

Those of you trying to find a concrete answer to “how much you should spend on a wedding gift” will probably have a difficult time. Inevitably, it all depends on your situation and how much you can afford.

We would also like to think that most couples would just be happy having you spend their special day with them! Even if you just give them a card with a heartfelt message, they will (should) probably be happy!