Wedding While You’re Golfing?

At Northampton Valley Country Club, not only do we host weddings, but we have them right on our golf course.  We realize that it may be frustrating when you see a couple getting photographs right where you are about to putt your golf ball, or drive by in your golf cart.  While part of you may be thinking “I should totally photobomb them for being in the way,” you need to step back and realize that this couple has one chance to enjoy their wedding day (hopefully), and you should be respectful of the occasion—even if it is a little distracting while you are out on the links.

We have hosted many weddings at our venue, and many of our wedding planners have sat and watched as the bride and groom said their vows with golfers swinging their clubs and yelling “Fore!” in the background.  While we certainly try hard to control that type of unnecessary behavior, some of the times it can’t be helped.  Therefore, we ask that all of our golfers to please be mindful of their surroundings.  Just like you wouldn’t want someone disturbing you just as you are about to hit the ball, couples do not want you disturbing them as they say their vows.

So, we suggest that one of the things you do is be respectful of the occasion.  Think about it like this:  if you got married one day, the last thing you would probably want is someone talking during your ceremony!

Another thing we suggest you don’t do—is scream and yell while the ceremony is in progress.  Again, it all comes down to respect.  If the ceremony is being recorded, your screams will be heard in the background forever!  Now, imagine if that were you getting married?  Would you be happy about that? Hit ‘em straight!

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