Wedding Theme Ideas


Normally, when you attend a wedding the elements are pretty much the same from previous weddings. Most weddings follow a similar agenda. For example, there is the ceremony followed by a reception, then the food and dancing to end the evening. Stepping out of the box when it comes to putting your wedding together can seem difficult.  However, there is no need to follow the traditional wedding trend if you wish not to do so. Many couples today are choosing to incorporate their individual style into a unique wedding theme. Choosing a wedding theme makes a wedding more personal, coordinated, and memorable.

Once you have the date and location of your wedding go back to where your wedding will be held and take some time to walk around the site and plan ideas based on what is already there. You may even take pictures of the inside and outside of the location to compare different decorating themes. Make sure that the location theme you choose go hand and hand. For example, if your wedding will be taking place at the beach, using sea shells and palm trees will instantly arouse the notion of a tropical setting.

Having a seasonal wedding is also a great idea. If your wedding will be taking place in the fall, you can consider using a color palate that incorporates the colors of nature and the changing colors of the leaves. You may also use small pumpkins to insert the place cards, along with favors of apple cider mix, and monogram with a leaf in the background. On the other hand, if you choose to have a winter wedding you can choose snowflakes as your theme, and tulips for a spring wedding. Be creative and use your imagination to come up with your own individual seasonal wedding theme. The options are endless. Just remember that it is all the details incorporated into your decorating that will make your wedding stand apart from all other weddings.