Wedding Stress—Sometimes You Just Can’t Kick It, But How Can You Reduce It?

You made the itinerary—you have everything laid out hour by hour, minute by minute for both the day of the wedding rehearsal and the actual wedding.  What could possibly go wrong?  Maybe the limo will be a half hour late taking you and your bridesmaids to Northampton Valley Country Club at the exact moment you need them to;  maybe your hair will fall flat during the ceremony;  maybe one of your fake eyelashes will fall off because there is not enough glue!

Relax! Breathe…

Something that can make a wedding stressful is the anticipation of stress about things that may never actually happen.  Sure, there are such things as traffic, as well as rain and humidity that can mess up your hair, but the fact of the matter is, don’t fret if everything is planned and going smoothly.

You made an intense effort to make sure everything will go right, so, one thing you need to do is take a breath—yes, take a breath, and relax.  Plus, there are people who are there to support you such as your bridesmaids, and you also can’t forget about your fiancé!  They will all be there to support you if anything stressful does occur and assure you everything will be ok.

Also, one way to reduce stress is to talk about possible stress factors to those around you before the wedding rehearsal and day begins.  It is one thing to have a plan in place as well as send out an itinerary, but the other thing you should be doing is going over everything with the entire bridal party.  This way they will know why things are planned the way they are, and how important it is to you that they go as planned!

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