Wedding Flower Basics

Your wedding flowers will be one of the most photographed details of your wedding, so it’s important to pick wedding centerpieces and wedding bouquets that truly fit your wedding style and decor. To make your flower searching adventure a little easier here are some tips to guide you on your search for the right flowers.

First, find flower types that you love by searching through wedding magazines, the Internet, and even visiting a florist. This will allow you to visually see the type of flowers available to you. Remember that  certain flowers are only available during a certain season of the year. While on your search you will also find a host of wedding centerpiece ideas and other flowers ranging in style from casual and rustic, to formal and glamorous.

You can even search for wedding flowers by color so you can be sure to pick wedding bouquets and wedding centerpieces that match your wedding color palette. Once you’ve decided which wedding flower  arrangements you want, then it’s time to find a florist who can make it all happen for you. Finding a florist for your wedding day can be tough so take your time and do a little research. Once you’ve made an appointment with one, be sure to bring pictures of wedding flowers that you like (your version of pink may be different than your florist’s). Before you talk with your florist about your ideal wedding flowers, make sure you have wedding centerpiece ideas and bouquets in mind, but that you also have your wedding flower budget. Depending on what you’re looking for, your wedding flowers could end up taking up a large portion of your budget. So keep that in mind and prioritize so that no matter what, you end up with the wedding flowers of your choice!