Trying To Golf This Winter? Check Out These Two “Golf Getaways”

Although many diehards will venture out to golf during the coldest days of the year, most prefer not to do so because of the level of discomfort involved.  Therefore, for those that would like to golf during the Winter (and are willing to travel to do so) here are two places we found that may serve as ideal, and that were also listed in an article a couple years ago on

How about taking a trip to Maui?

In the Forbes article we read, The Ritz-Carlton located in Kapalua, Maui was indicated as having one of the most lavished golf courses in the world.  Also, not only are their two 18-hole championship golf courses exquisite, but for those who are bringing their loved ones along for the trip—there are certainly many amenities that they can keep themselves distracted with.  One of these which are a multi-leveled swimming pool!

There’s always Florida!

If you would rather not travel to another country, you can always take a visit to the Sunshine State.  However, this golf course—located at the Streamsong Resort in Ft. Meade, FL, is actually not on the mainland.  Therefore, golfers who travel to this location in order to subject themselves to a game of golf will also have the chance to experience the ultimate getaway experience.

Plus, with a spa and many other recreational activities available besides their two golf courses, those who are travelling with friends and family will have plenty of amenities to enjoy.


Northampton Valley Country Club is home to one of the most gorgeous Bucks County golf courses.  If looking to golf this winter, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if our golf course is available!