Tips to Help You Seat Guests at Your Wedding Reception

If you’re having a lavish wedding reception and expect over 100 guests, it’s likely that you are planning on having assigned tables. If not, you should probably consider doing so because most people (especially if they don’t know everyone) will probably appreciate that you took the time to seat them with people they know!


If you are assigning seats, or at least tables for your guests, here are a few tips for you to keep in mind that will make your job easier:

Begin Assigning Tables as Soon as You Have All Your RSVPs.

With all of the running around you are undoubtedly doing the week before your wedding, the seating chart is probably the last thing on your list. However, don’t leave it to do until the day before, make it a point to do it, at least, a week before the big day to make sure the venue has enough food.

Look to Your Computer for Help.

Construct a new spreadsheet on your computer, upload all of your guests, and insert a column to begin categorizing everyone by relationships (groom’s family friend, bride’s family friend, bride’s family, etc.) This way, you will be able to sort the list so you can start placing certain individuals with one another. Next, you will just have to start breaking down the list even further into tables.

If Making a Spreadsheet Seems Overwhelming, Use Paper.

If you feel like making a new spreadsheet sounds daunting, you can grab a piece of paper, draw circles, and write names inside of them. Be sure to keep in mind that you will need to know how many chairs will be at each table.

Make it a Point to Keep Your Parents Close!

If you plan on having the traditional long head table, it’s best to keep you and your new husband’s or wife’s parents at the table, as well. If you are going the sweetheart table route, you should let both sets of parents sit as close to you as possible.


If you are having your wedding ceremony and reception at Northampton Valley Country Club, you can be rest assured that we will help you figure out your seating chart! After all, we know who painful it can be to have certain family members or friends in the same room!