Tips to Consider Before Joining a Golf Club

Whether you are just learning the golf game or have experience playing golf, there are a few tips to keep in mind before choosing to become a member of a golf club. However, before you make a decision, prioritize what you are looking for. Consider is it necessary, desirable, or can you go without it.

You may think that all golf courses are the same but there are two types of golf courses. There are public courses and private courses. Public courses are often owned by the county or municipality in which they are located, and there budget is set by a town council or committee. Any individual is able to play at a public course, and tee times are open to all. However, in some cases tee times might only be reserved for club leagues or local groups that play each week. The course may also have a membership fee that allows those who pay a yearly fee to play at the course as much as they wish for little or no additional cost.

Private courses on the other hand, are owned and operated by an individual or group that determines who, what, when, and where members can join and play on their course. They are in charge of setting up their individual membership fees, and restrictions for membership. Members pay an initial acceptance fee, and an yearly fee. Many of these clubs have high end amenities for their members including training centers, swimming pools, restaurants and banquet facilities for special occasions.

When you begin your search and visit different locations consider how welcoming the staff is, how the grounds are maintained, and whether there is there is a pro shop store, a locker room, gym, special lounge, restaurant, and or snack bar.

Just remember, before you decide to join any course and sign a membership fee make sure to visit the golf club, and play the course at least once, and consider what you can afford.