Tips on How To Survive the Upcoming Wedding Season

Weddings are not just expensive for the bride and groom but for fellow guests too! We all know there is no fun in staying home, so go ahead enjoy the celebrations with these money-saving tips.

Think of everything you need to do in order to be a great guest at a wedding: have a fabulous dress, a gift for the soon to be newlywed couple, and get yourself to the ceremony. All of these things are necessary, and this is just for one wedding! So, forget worrying about all of your upcoming purchases with these tips, and focus more on having a great time.

  1. Stay Ahead of the Game – We all have a little procrastination in ourselves, but don’t wait to purchase a wedding gift. People tend to buy the lower-priced items on the registry first, so make sure you pick an option that is in your price range, giving you a larger selection to choose from.
  2. Being Personal – Wedding gifts tend to add up, especially if you are a good friend of the bride. Starting with the engagement party, then bridal shower, and we can’t forget the bachelorette party; all of these events accumulate. So, make it personal by putting a picture of them from the early days of their relationship in a classy chic frame. If you are not that close, than a bottle of wine that will age perfectly is a safe bet.
  3. Save your Bridesmaids Dress – Let’s face it, when are you ever going to wear your bridesmaids dress again. The chances are slim to none. When deciding on a dress, see if you can negotiate a group discount for the bridal party. Also alterations run high, try and find a local seamstress who charges less than bridal shops.
  4. Destination Wedding – Everyone loves an out of town wedding, but they do add onto to previous expenses. Booking your flight in advance is a great way to secure a cheaper flight.

There are an endless amount of ways to save on a tight budget, so shop in your friends’ closets, do your own makeup, and even consider looking for items listed on the registry on a different site. These tips will help you make your way through wedding season gracefully without breaking the bank.