Some Of The Best Wedding-themed Movies To Check Out This January

There is no denying that this topic is certainly subjective—in other words, what we have listed below might not make your best wedding-themed movies list.  However, there was a recent article written and posted on titled:  “The 7 Best Weddings Movies of All Time,” so we at Northampton Valley Country Club thought that we would take a look at the top 3 movies they listed, and thus give you some good wedding-themed films to check out while you are stuck at home this January!

Let’s start with #3 – Bridesmaids

Released on May 13th, 2011, Bridesmaids is about Annie Walker, a single woman in her late thirties who discovers that her best friend is getting married.  Hilarity ensues throughout the duration of the film as Annie finds herself jealous and at odds with one of Annie’s other bridesmaids—Helen.  Annie does all that she can to be the best Maid of Honor possible, but suffers many setbacks throughout the film in achieving her goal.  All in all, this movie gives a charming yet comedic look into the hassle involved with being a bridesmaid.

When looking to find reviews for this film, Rotten Tomatoes, a leading online source for both film and TV reviews from top critics, rates the movie at 90%.  That means that out of the 250 reviews the film received, 224 were good and the rest were “bad.”  Not a “bad rating” after all if you ask us.  Plus, as mentioned in the ET article, the filmed received two Academy Award Nominations.

#2 – Wedding Crashers

As of today, Wedding Crashers is nearly ten years old.  The film follows fellow divorce mediators John and Jeremy who do what they do best—crash weddings.  However, things take a turn for the worst (better?) when both men meet their matches during one of the weddings they crash.

Back in 2005, Wedding Crashers held the title of the highest opening for a restricted film.  However, since then there have been many others that have stripped them of that title.  Whatever the case, the film is hailed for both Owen Wilson’s and Vince Vaughn’s comedic acting.  Additionally, Rotten Tomatoes certified the film “Fresh” with its 137 positive reviews!

#1 – My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Both in the ET article as well as various other sources we reviewed online, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is currently recognized as the top-grossing romantic comedy.  Dubbed as a “sleeper hit,” My Big Fat Greek Wedding walks its audience through how hard it is to find and then convince your family about who you want to marry—especially if your family expects to marry a certain type of person.  For her work on the film, writer and star Nia Vardalos landed an Academy Award nomination for.  Last but not least, Rotten Tomatoes also certified the movie “fresh,” due to the 98 positive reviews it received when the movie debuted back in 2002.