Some Do’s & Don’ts Of Being A Groom

There are many blogs and articles out there circulating online and in magazines with tips and advice for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests. But, it appears that there are not as many for the groom or his groomsmen. So, in spite of that, we decided that we would shift gears for our wedding entry this time and offer up some advice for the guys!

Recently, we came across an article on that provided an insight into what a groom should have a say in, as well what he should let the bride decide during wedding planning process. Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to provide some of you recently engaged gentlemen with some wedding planning do’s and do not’s!

Do help pick the venue, wedding date, and help her with the guest list. article we read referred to these things as the “Big 3.” In other words, these are the “Big 3” things that she will allow you to have the most say in. It would make sense that you have a say in the venue because that is where most of the money will go. As for the guest list, she probably does not know everyone in your family (yet), or which of your friends are mere acquaintances. Also, the date needs to work for the both of you because we are sure that most guys wouldn’t want to have the wedding during March Madness, the Super Bowl or the World Series!

Do not tell her what dress to wear, pick the flowers, invitations, and cake.

Unless she asks for your opinion, let her pick whatever dress she wants. If you have an opinion of the flowers, their color or smell, make sure you know how many bouquets to order for your groomsmen. As far as the cake goes, think about it this way: who makes all of the decisions on where to eat when you go out? If it’s her, you better just plan on doing an extra session at the gym later! Last but not least, if you went to school as an artist or enjoy interior design and decorating, let her pick out the stationery!

Do schedule your bachelor party at the same time as her bachelorette party.

Do you want your fiancé calling and texting you during your bachelor party? If you want her distracted (as well as yourself distracted) from thinking about what either one of you are doing at your bachelor and bachelorette party, persuade her to schedule them both on the same day. Inevitably, this decision will probably keep you both from bugging one another!

In the end, keep in mind the three big things we mentioned above.

If she wants to attempt to control everything, take a breath and tell her how you feel. After all, you both decided to get married!