Should You Invest In A Promise Ring For Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?

If you have been with your boyfriend or girlfriend for a while, and don’t yet have the money to invest in a dazzling 1.50 carat diamond engagement ring (and want to hold off proposing marriage until you do), consider a promise ring. A promise ring, which is a term that describes a ring given by someone who pledges their love to another, is often much cheaper than an engagement ring. In fact, most range from being $50 to $300.

While it might make sense to some people to skip getting a promise ring because it will soon be sitting in the jewelry box once the engagement ring is given, others might want to buy one to show how committed they are to their loved one.

However, is it truly worth the investment?

Well, if you were to ask us, it is entirely dependent on you, and how you view your relationship.

If you and your loved one have been discussing marriage, but have other things to take care of before that dream becomes reality (maybe you have student loans, or other debt to pay off before you can truly invest in a wedding, etc.), it is a great gift to give to let your loved one know that you are serious about being together in the long run.

If you elect to purchase a promise ring, you should buy an actual promise ring, not one that looks like a wedding band or engagement ring.

If you do go all out, some of your loved one’s relatives might be wondering why you just didn’t purchase a 1.50 carat diamond engagement ring in the first place. Although, no matter how much it cost, or what it looks like, you should be prepared to do some explaining!