Northampton Valley Country Club Celebrates Exotic Wedding Traditions

Weddings in Bucks County are never ordinary with Northampton Valley Country Club. You can be sure your special day will stand out no matter how you want to spend it. But some cultures have very different practices when it comes to matrimony.

weird-weddingFor instance, in many parts of China it is customary for the bride to choose three dresses instead of just one. She starts with a slim fitting frock called a qipao or cheongsam, colored red to represent strength and luck. She then changes into a white ball gown similar to the traditional American bridal garb, and switches again for the reception into a colored gown of her choosing or a cocktail dress.

In certain Indian traditions, brides spend hours with their female friends and family members painting intricate mehndi designs on their hands and feet with henna dye. Mehndi parties provide an opportunity for a fun gathering, and friends and family can help the bride with anything she needs while getting adorned.

Inner Mongolia, China has an…interesting practice called the Daur Chick Liver Tradition. The bride and groom slaughter a chick together and cut out its liver. A healthy looking liver means…good luck, maybe. If the chick doesn’t have a good looking liver, the bride and groom must continue slaughtering baby chickens until they find a nice, lucky liver.

Perhaps that last one might not be advisable for a Bucks County Wedding. But for the most part, at Northampton Valley Country Club we welcome all wedding traditions to our beautiful premises. Every culture has its own way of celebrating love and unity, and no one is better than any other. Just find another place to do the chicken thing.

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