Millennials Lead Surge in Support for LGBTQ Marriage

Support for same-sex marriage has increased drastically among the American public over the last few decades. This trend is due largely to the Millennial generation’s coming of age. Individuals born from 1980 onward are much less likely to oppose marriage between members of the LGBTQ community. In a recent Pew Research Center poll, over 70% of this young adult population was found to support same-sex marriage. Millennials have observed the mistakes of previous generations and learned to be more accepting of alternative lifestyles.samelove

Homosexuality has become more and more normalized in recent years. As more and more gay people come out, not interested in remaining silent anymore, the rest of the public realizes their connection to the LGBTQ community. Most Millennials find they have at least one friend or family member who identifies as L, G, B, T…or Q. This makes it easier for Millennials to put themselves in a gay person’s shoes than any other generation, and unwilling to continue denying gay people the institution of marriage.

Northampton Valley Country Club is listed on and as an LGBTQ-friendly wedding venue in Bucks County. As a provider of wedding services, we do not involve ourselves in politics. It is not our place to decide which members of society deserve love or recognition under the law. Knowing that no marriage has the power to devalue another, we simply do our job to give all loving couples the wedding ceremony and reception they’ve always wanted. This is done in spite of Pennsylvania’s lack of anti-discrimination laws. In some states, such as Oregon, businesses are prohibited by law from refusing service based on sexual orientation. Unfortunately our great state has not quite caught up with such legislation, but that doesn’t stop us from making dreams come true for all people at our Bucks County wedding venue.

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