Making Your Reunion Party A Success

Reunions are a great time for reaching out and reconnecting with people. Whether it is a class or a family reunion, you are planning, keep track of all the details to ensure a successful event.

Get Help, Get Organized, Stay Organized:

Involve people in the planning process to make it easier for you while allowing others a chance in the event’s success. Make a list of areas you will need help with, and select people to run the different committees who have a strong sense of organization and timelines. This might include party invitations, site arrangements, transportation, food, games, activities and cleanup. Have your committees keep records of all they do and compile them in a reunion binder that you can hand off to next year’s planner.

Plan a Budget

Elect someone within your committee to be a treasurer. This person should be good with money and good with letting you know you are going over budget. Keep accurate records of all expenses. You may want to set up a special checking account to help keep track of revenues and expenses, or you may want to hold a fundraiser to increase your budget.

Choose a Date and Location

Once you have chosen a date, decide where the gathering will be held. Choosing the right location is a key part of a successful reunion. Consider the activities planned and pick a location conducive to those activities. Wherever you look, consider the services available, capacity, cost, accessibility, restrooms and availability.


Send your first save-the-date invitation as soon as you’ve decided on a date and location. You should provide between 12 and 16 months notice, to guarantee attendance. That way people can put the reunion on their calendars early. Send a reminder a couple of weeks before the gathering. If you still haven’t heard from some people a week or so before the event, contact them to ensure attendance.

Plan Your Food

Having the right food can make or break your reunion. Check with guest about food allergies or aversions before choosing food. If your reunion will be held at a restaurant, get a list of options and create a couple of menus that fit within your budget.

 Plan Activities

Decide what games and activities will be appropriate for your gathering and your theme. Think about who’s going to be there and what types of things they enjoy. Ice Breakers are a great way to relieve the anxieties associated with spending time with people you haven’t seen in years. Taylor your activities to the age range of people in your reunion party.

Confirm Your Bookings

About a month or so before your event, contact all your vendors to make sure everything is in place for the event.

Follow Up After The Reunion Party

Send thank you notes to all the vendors, volunteers, and anyone who helped in the planning of the reunion party. Post pictures of the reunion, and send a newsletter to those who couldn’t make it to recount the reunion details.