Local Weddings Versus Destination Weddings Part 2

At Northampton Valley Country Club, we pride ourselves on hosting local weddings at our Bucks County, PA venue.  Even though we thrive on planning local weddings, we cannot ignore how attractive it is to have a destination wedding.

Although many believe that planning a destination wedding is a lot of hassle, one of the reasons many couples plan them is because they are cheaper.

Spending a romantic weekend away with a few of your family members or friends can also turn out to be more cost-effective then having a wedding at a large venue with over two hundred plus people present.  However, keep in mind that having a destination wedding also means that you should pay for your guests’ hotel rooms—unless you give them the option.  Proper wedding etiquette calls for the bride and groom to pay for the room while the guests pay for their airfare, although this is not always the case.

Perhaps one of the best things for the couple about having a destination wedding is that you can have both the wedding and your honeymoon right there!  There is no need to jump on a plane the day or week after you have your wedding—you are already at your destination!

Something that also makes wedding destinations attractive for many couples is that they are more intimate affairs.  Because destination weddings are smaller in general, it will be more romantic and most of the guest list may comprise of only those who are the closest to you and your fiancé.  Of course couples can also just make the destination wedding about themselves, take lots of pictures, and show them to everyone after they get home!

There are many pros and cons involved with having a local or a destination wedding.  To hear more about planning a wedding in general, especially at a premiere local venue, give us a call at Northampton Valley Country Club today!

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