Local Weddings Versus Destination Weddings Part 1

When people get married, something that crosses their minds is whether or not they want to have a local wedding or a destination wedding.  While having a destination wedding certainly has its perks, it may be cost prohibitive for guests, and many of the couples’ friends and family may not be able to afford the expense of plane tickets, hotel rooms, and extended time off from work.

Planning a wedding and reception is also very difficult from hundreds of miles away. It can be time consuming and the marriage laws/requirements in other countries are very different than the US.

While there are many people who swear that nothing compares to having a destination wedding, others believe that tying the knot close to your roots is more special.  Not only will money not be a huge factor for many of your guests, but the planning will undoubtedly be less stressful.


At Northampton Valley Country Club, our wedding planners specialize in planning intimate weddings at our Bucks County event venue.  While we know that destination weddings have their charm—and we certainly have nothing against them—we believe that having a local wedding can be more special.  Couples can plan everything from beginning to end with us as we are an all-inclusive event planning venue.  Don’t worry about hiring a florist, caterer, or you own entertainment, we have the resources to find what you are looking for in your wedding for any type of business!

When it all comes down to it, local weddings will be easier to plan and manage.  Plus, there is a better chance that all of your loved ones will show up for the celebration.  You may also feel like you have better control over the situation because you can talk with your wedding planners whenever you need to, and meet them whenever you need to at the venue you chose.

Call us today if you are interested in hearing more about planning your local wedding at Northampton Valley Country Club!  Local weddings are our speciality!

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