It Is Important To Have An Engagement Party?

For many years, engagement parties were held to “officially” announce that couples were engaged. These events were typically hosted by the bride-to-be’s parents to surprise family members and close friends with their daughter’s engagement. However, with the rise of social media and other forms of mass communication, engagements are no longer a surprise. Therefore, one can assume that having an engagement party is no longer necessary, and is thus not that important. Unless, of course, you or your parents want an excuse to celebrate and party!


So, let’s say you do want to have an engagement party…

Where should it be hosted, and who should you invite?

As we mentioned above, the bride-to-be’s parents traditionally hosted the engagement party. But, these days, couples are choosing to host them on their own, or friends and other family members are hosting them.

When it comes to the guest list, couples will want to make sure to invite both sides of their parents’ families, as this is probably the first time and a great time for them to get to know one another better. Also, think about who will be invited to your wedding. Those who will be in the wedding, as well as close friends who will be on the final guest list are ideal to have at the engagement party.

How long should you wait to have an engagement party?

How long you wait to have the party depends on when you are getting married. Couples who plan on getting married a couple of years down the road typically have them a few weeks or months after getting engaged. Those getting married sooner have them within a couple weeks.

Deciding whether you and your fiancé should have an engagement party depends on what you both want. Sometimes parents throw them without telling their children, so, if you don’t care to have a party, make sure that everyone knows! Otherwise you and your fiancé might hear a big “Surprise!” next time you visit your mom and dad’s house!