Is Planning A Fall Wedding A Good Idea?

For those of you who believe fall is not a good season to plan a wedding—you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, one reason fall is a great time to have a wedding is because the weather is more moderate and bearable—especially for those that have a hard time dealing with extreme heat!

Following are two reasons why we at Northampton Valley Country Club believe that having a fall wedding is a great idea:

The Fall Colors Are Gorgeous!

Unlike winter where you need to spend most of the wedding inside, having a fall wedding still gives you the chance to enjoy the outdoors, plus it makes for some great photos!  In fact, one reason that couples have chosen Northampton Valley Country Club for their fall wedding is because of the scenery.  The entire country club is surrounded by trees, plush gardens, and a magnificent golf course—all three of which we work hard to maintain all year long!  Therefore, if you want to find a venue that will certainly be rich in all of the fall colors such as orange, gold, and bronze, Northampton Valley Country Club is the place for you!

The Fall Weather Is Unbeatable!

Climate is certainly one thing to consider when planning any wedding.  Fall is a great time of year because there is little rain, hardly any snow, and best of all—the temperature is not too hot, nor is it too cold (well, depending on where you are located of course!)  Also, fall weather means that you can have an indoor or outdoor wedding, plus a combination of the two.  We have found that most fall weddings we have hosted have the ceremony outside and the reception inside (although this can also be done all year round Northampton!)

No matter if your wedding day ends up rainy—which can also happen at any time of the year, fall is one season that should not be passed over for when it comes time to planning a wedding.  Just ask us, we have been planning them for decades!