Is Creating A Wedding Website Worth It?

These days, there is no doubt that most people spend a lot of their time online. You can shop, make friends and even find love online. But, if you just got engaged, did you know that you can make a wedding website?

A wedding website can make life easier for couples in many ways.

They can be like a “blog” in the sense that it documents the couple’s journey to the altar. A wedding website can also keep guests informed, have important information (like hotels or restaurants in the area for travelers), or be a means for guests to RSVP.

Most wedding websites are free to create.

For example, The Knot ( is wedding website that not only helps couples plan weddings by featuring articles that have advice and/or ideas, it also allows couples to create a free wedding website. Furthermore, The Knot knows that most couples are not savvy with creating websites, and thus have an extremely easy platform that they can use. So, you do not have to be a designer/developer to create one, but if you are, there are certainly other avenues you can take!

However, is investing the time to create a wedding website worth it?

As we mentioned above, mostly everyone is online, and if you want to showcase that you have relevant information and a way for guests to RSVP early, it is worth the time. But, if you and your fiancé feel uneasy about putting yourselves out there on the Internet, regardless of whether or not you are already on social media sites, we do not suggest creating one. Sometimes, the most traditional ways (snail mail or email) of letting people know the details are the best.

In the end, creating a website is entirely up to you. If you were to ask us, we would say go for it if you feel comfortable and have the time!