Is A Weekday Wedding Right For You?

A recent article we read and that was posted on January 12th 2015, shed light on the fact that over the past three years, there has been a rise in weekday weddings.  For those of you that follow celebrity culture, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden were mentioned in this same article as being a couple that opted to say their “I dos” on a Monday night as opposed to a day on the weekend.  Other celebrities who tied the knot during the week and were mentioned in the article include Kerry Washington and her Pro-Football player husband Nnamdi Asomugha, as well as Ashley Tisdale and her husband Christopher French.

There is no denying that what most of us see on television, movies, read in magazines, or see our favorite celebrity doing with their clothes, makeup or hair might dictate what we do, but the rise of weekday weddings is no surprise to us at Northampton Valley Country Club.  After all, weekday weddings are often more affordable to plan and host during these tough economic times.  Plus, if you’re a celebrity, you will be giving the paparazzi a run for their money!

Is A Weekday Wedding Right For You?

While the chance to have a weekday wedding might be ideal for you and your fiancé, there are a few things you need to think about before you settle on a date.  For example, two things to consider are whether or not everyone you want will be able to attend, and how far your guests need to travel.

If you are planning a weekday wedding we highly suggest planning it as far ahead as you can, as well as giving your loved ones and friends enough time to make arrangements to travel if needed.  If this is something you are doing last minute and the date is only a few weeks or months away, getting everyone to attend might be an issue.  We know that it is cheaper for you, but try as hard as you can to make sure all who you want to attend is able.  The majority of your loved ones are probably working 9-5 jobs Monday through Friday and will need ample time to request off.

While weekday weddings are on the rise—as current celebrity trends have indicated—they are certainly on the rise across the board in general.  If you would like to hear more about planning a weekday wedding, please reach out to us here at Northampton—we are eager to help!