Improving Your Golf Swing

When we meet others on the course, or are talking with members and guests in the clubhouse, there is not a single golfer out there who doesn’t want to improve their golf swing. One of the most frustrating aspects of the sport is maintaining a consistent swing through each and every shot. When our swing is off just a tick, it results in slices and hooks. We’ll drive our cart to the left rough, then to the right rough, sometimes other fairways. For many of us, if we can maintain the consistency of our swings where the ball travels straight, we’d be in a good place with our game. There are many aspects to understand about your swing, but remember, don’t think too much.

It starts with your grip. Don’t underestimate the importance of grip placement. For more reasons than one, you should never be gripping the club with your palms. If you’re making this mistake, that plays a big role in your slices and hooks. Grip with your fingers and let the palms complement the fingers. There are different grips you can choose to provide the most comfort to your swing: the Vardon grip, the Interlocking grip, and the Baseball grip. The correct grip on the club will aid in your impact of the clubface on the ball.

Taking the proper stance. If you have a great grip, but a poor stance, you’re not going to get the results you’re looking for. Approach the ball and spread your feet shoulder length apart. Don’t slouch, but bend your knees slightly to provide a smooth swing all the way through. Keep your spine straight, and relax. Keeping your grip in mind when you take your stance sets you up for your swing.

It’s all about balance and rhythm. The proper weight distribution from the backswing to the downswing relies on your balance. Position your shoulders over your knees when you’re preparing your swing. The swing’s rhythm must complement your balance. If you’re moving too much (hips, head, wrists) in the backswing, your point of impact will be slightly off center and lead to a hook or slice. Once you’ve got everything down, it’s a mental game. Keep a focused mind and listen to your body.

If you’re not gripping the club too tight, not swinging too hard, and maintain a smooth and steady rhythm from the backswing to the follow through, you’ll see results. When it comes down to it, remember to relax. Thinking too much can mess with your psyche and lead to distracted play, ruining your entire round. Take a deep breath at the tee box on hole one, and learn from your swing.

The way to hit a straight shot is square impact. We all have different comfort levels, even the professionals. You can always improve your performance, but getting the basics down with your swing is priority number one.

Once you play your first round with consistency, strokes will be cut off your score card and you’ll maintain shots down the center of the fairway. If you want assistance from our club professional, contact us and see how we can help you become a better golfer.