Improve Your Driving Skills

Driving the ball on one of the best golf courses in Philadelphia requires that you’re properly prepared for an accurate shot. Driving certainly isn’t everything, but when you’re driving well and keeping it in the fairway, you’ll set yourself up for an easier second shot and a much more enjoyable round of golf. Below, are four tips to consider in order to improve your driving game while playing at a country club in PA:



  1. Stop worrying extensively about your performance on the golf course, and begin to focus more on the main goal: getting the ball in the hole. Concentrating on what others will think of your swing, will cause the blood in your body to rush to your brain instead of supporting your muscles. Focus on the task at hand—which is driving the ball straight—rather than the opinions of the golfers around you.


  1. It is recommended for right-handed golfers, to align the ball with your left heal so that the club makes contact almost immediately before it begins to rise upward. By placing the ball further ahead in your stance than you usually do, you’ll be able to provide more lift on the ball so that it escalates higher and farther with the lower lofted driver. This modification in your driving approach can help you gain height and distance in your drives.


  1. The loft of your driver should be relative to your overall skillset. It’s recommended that amateur golfers use a driver with a loft of between 10 and 12 degrees, instead of one that is between 7 and 9 degrees. A greater loft will help you gain height quicker with your drives, as well as help to keep the drive straighter, which is harder to control with a driver that has a lower loft. Your power and skill level will, most likely, match up best with a club that has greater loft. No offense, but you’re not Jordan Spieth or Rory McIlroy.


  1. Similar to the old saying, “the glass is always half-full”—you should never concentrate on where you don’t want to hit the ball but—instead—focus your mental energy on where you do want to hit the ball. If you concentrate strictly on how you don’t want your shot land in the rough, water hazards, or any other unfavorable area of the course, you’ll end up straying further away from the hole then you intended to. Focus on driving the ball somewhere in the center of the fairway that’s achievable with your skillset.  Visualizing your next shot is a great way to mentally prepare yourself to hit that next shot.


By positively focusing only on what you can control, aligning the ball with where you are comfortable, choosing the most appropriate club, and viewing your game through a positive lens and visualizing shots—you’ll improve your performance on the golf course. Although your mechanics should be sharpened regularly, always remember that the game of golf requires more psychological tuning than physical. Don’t overthink scenarios while on the course and, instead, go out there and enjoy yourself!