Ideas For Hosting A Valentine’s Day Party

If you’re planning a special Valentine’s Day evening for your friends and family there are many ideas to consider to create a bash filled with tons of fun and love.

Using little candy hearts makes a great decorating idea for any Valentine’s day party. Just fill candy bowls, champagne flutes and martini glasses with the colorful treats. Place them up across a fireplace mantle or on your dining table. You can even tape them to the bathroom mirror. And do not forget a statuette or cardboard cutout of a arrow-toting Cupid to complete your decorating theme. You can even make your own Valentine’s Day decorations buy using some red and pink construction paper, brightly colored markers, glitter and confetti.

How about hosting a Valentine’s Day costume party? This does not mean you have to dress in hearts and flowers from head to toe. You can put on some red and pink to represent the occasion, or dress up as famous couples throughout history. The couple can be real, fictional, living or deceased. Some couples to consider are Bonnie and Clyde, Romeo and Juliet, Mickey and Minnie, Johnny and Baby, and Bella and Edward to name a few.

A fun activity you can do with a loved one or friends on this day is watch a romantic comedy. You can also choose to watch a movie that is a musical you and your friends can sing along to.

For food ideas consider oysters and champagne, followed by an entrée of chicken or fish in champagne sauce. For desert offer chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate truffles, chocolate fondue, and chocolate heart shaped cookies. Anything with chocolate makes the perfect treat on Valentine’s Day. As a drink option prepare love potion number nine. This includes cherry flavored Kool-Aid, vodka, and white rum. For a non-alcoholic beverage offer some sparkling pear and apple cider.