How to Save Money on Peak Season Weddings

Many couples enjoy reduced prices on wedding venues, catering, and entertainment during the yearly wedding off-season. From December to April people have far fewer weddings in Bucks County and throughout the nation, because “cold and miserable” is not good imagery for what should be such a happy celebration. Now that Valentine’s Day is behind us, and some of you may have asked a certain someone a certain important question, wedding planning is in full swing, and the spring wedding boom is right around the corner.

Off-season weddings are appealing because of their low prices, but many people don’t realize the savings they can find on summer weddings, as well. Here at Northampton Valley Country Club we offer wedding specials starting at only $72 from February through August. After making reservations, couples can also find their own ways to save on other aspects of the wedding. For instance, buying a pre-owned dress will cost you much less than a new one. Brides won’t have a hard time finding used dresses that are just as nice as a new one, and making any desired alterations is easy. If you’re set on a new dress, consider selling it after your wedding to break even.

Hiring a DJ instead of a band can also save you money. Band costs add up quickly with labor and travel time, and there are simply more people to pay. DJs generally work solo and require less setup and breakdown time, which makes them less expensive. They can also play almost any song you want to hear at a moment’s notice.

Catering is another area where couples can save when planning a wedding. Try sticking with hors d’oeuvres or self-serve finger foods, or cut them altogether. Opt out of full three-course catering, or just limit the options. Northampton Valley Country Club has catering options for any budget.

Don’t let monetary restrictions keep you from having the outdoor Bucks County wedding of your dreams. Follow these tips to make your wedding everything you and your guests hope for without the high costs associated with summer weddings.

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