How to Plan a Post-Wedding Brunch

While having breakfast in bed with your new wife or husband after your wedding ceremony or reception is nice, planning a post-wedding brunch to celebrate the occasion with your guests is a nice experience as well. If you are planning to have brunch the day after your wedding, here are some things you should keep in mind:

The post-wedding brunch is typically for wedding guests who travelled a far distance, and/or close family members and friends.

While there is no rule that says you can’t invite whoever you want, you should invite guests who travelled a great distance to come to your wedding, and any close family members or friends.


However, who and how many people are invited, will also depend on who is paying.

If you stick with tradition, the bride’s parents pay. However, they don’t have to.

Even though the bride’s parents typically pay, it can be a nice gesture for you and your husband or wife to pay. Plus, if you both do, it makes you look even more appreciative of the fact that your guests came to your wedding!

It doesn’t matter where you have it, but it should be somewhere close to the wedding venue.

Typically, a post-wedding brunch is held near the wedding venue, or hotel where most of your guests are residing. If possible, you can schedule it at the venue itself (if they offer brunch) or at a restaurant in or around the hotel. This way, it will be easier for people to get to—especially after a night of celebrating!

You should let those who are invited to brunch, know they ARE invited.

Just like you would like your guests know they are invited to the wedding, you should let those who are invited to brunch know that, as well. This is especially important if you need to give the venue or restaurant a headcount.

The menu you should include your favorite brunch items!

Food to serve during the brunch can include a type of eggs like eggs benedict, pastries, Belgian waffles, and fruit. Inevitably, any breakfast-related food will work. Lastly, you can also offer drinks like a Bloody Mary or mimosas in case people want to continue celebrating!


Here at Northampton Valley, we have planned many weddings and brunches at our Bucks County, PA, country club. However, we can also help you find a restaurant near our Bucks County wedding venue that serves a delicious brunch! In fact, many of the hotels we have partnered with offer brunch, and we have will have no issue helping you book one! To learn how, just call or email us at any time.