How Important Is The Wedding Rehearsal & The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner?

First: How did the wedding rehearsal and dinner tradition start?

Well, if you were to Google this question the search engine would bring back the “Rehearsal dinner” page of Wikipedia. On the Wikipedia page, it explains that this pre-wedding ritual is something that North Americans do the night before the ceremony. It doesn’t describe when it started, but if you read on it is a time where the bride and groom are able to thank their wedding party for doing all that they have done to “make the wedding happen.”

So, for those that are wondering how important this tradition is…

If you want to make sure your wedding runs smoothly having a wedding rehearsal is ideal. Also, if you want to show your bridal party how appreciative you are of them, this is why you have the dinner (as this is typically the time the bride and groom give out their bridal party gifts). If you would rather save some money, skipping out on the dinner and having the rehearsal is fine. Typically, most wedding venues offer a rehearsal anyway. If you have Northampton Valley Country Club host your Bucks County wedding, you can definitely expect to have a wedding rehearsal in one of our two ballrooms!

For those of you who want to have a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, here are some answers to a few questions you might have regarding how this tradition works:

What happens during the actual wedding rehearsal?

For those of you who don’t know, the wedding rehearsal is the day before the wedding—typically two hours before the dinner, and hosted at the venue itself. During the rehearsal, the wedding planner will go over how the bridal party will proceed down the aisle, where they will stand during the ceremony, and what will happen/where they will proceed as the recessional music plays (or not).

Who do I invite to the rehearsal dinner?

Most of the time, those who attend the rehearsal dinner are the bride and groom’s parents, siblings, and their bridal party. However, that is not to say that you can invite other close friends, as well give your bridesmaids/groomsmen the chance to bring a date. In the end, who you end up inviting will be entirely dependent upon how much you are willing to spend.

Who pays for the dinner and where is the most appropriate place to have the dinner?

Typically, the groom’s parents organize and pay for the dinner. But, these days both sets of parents split the bill, and even some couples are paying.

The most appropriate place to host the rehearsal dinner will again—be dependent upon your budget. Some people can choose to have them in their home, at a restaurant, and even at the actual wedding venue itself. Inevitably, this dinner is typically on the smaller side, so choosing a place where you can all be close to one another is ideal.

If you have any other question regarding the rehearsal itself, or the dinner, do not hesitate to reach out to us! At Northampton Valley Country Club, not only do we host weddings at our Bucks County, PA venue, but we can also refer you to area restaurants to host your dinner. After all, we do offer complete wedding planning services!