Hosting A Successful Baby Shower

When celebrating an event as joyous as a baby’s arrival, you can be as silly, as traditional, or as creative as you want to be. Hosting a successful baby shower comes down to planning and organization. Following a timeline will help you organize and prepare a great baby shower, while ensuring the mommy-to-be has the time of her life.

-Give yourself plenty of time to plan. Baby showers usually take place in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy.

-Decide whether the shower is for women only. Traditionally, you throw a baby shower for the mother-to-be, with only female friends and relatives as guests. But today, showers may include men with both expectant parents as guests of honor.

-Determine the time of day and location. You will want to host the baby shower on a Saturday or Sunday between four to eight weeks before the baby is due. Contact important guests, especially out of town family, to make sure they are available on the dates you have in mind. When selecting a location the number one rule is to make sure that the baby shower location is large enough to accommodate your guest list.

-Decide what type of theme you want for the baby shower. It will help set the tone of the party and may impact where you host the baby shower, as well as its menu and decorations.

-Create a guest list. If the shower is not going to be a surprise, speak with the guests of honor about whom they will be inviting. On the other hand, if the shower is going to be a surprise, consult a close friend or relative to make sure you do not leave anyone out.

-Make sure to send out invitations at least three weeks in advance. Do not forget to include directions, registration to a particular store, surprise-party instructions if applicable, and the theme of the shower. If possible mention the color scheme and theme of the baby’s room as well.

-Make a table centerpiece composed of flowers, a basket and candles, bouquets of baby socks or a baby doll or you may also buy a centerpiece at a party store.

-Decide if you want the guests to play any games. If games will be taking place buy small gifts for the winners, such as plants, blank books, candles and bookmarks.

-Make food, buy takeout or hire a caterer. Do not forget to also buy cups, plates, napkins and utensils.

-At the shower, keep track of the presents as the guests of honor opens them. This will help the parents to be when they are writing thank you notes.