Have A Company Golf Event And/or Pool Party At Northampton Valley Country Club This Summer 2014!

Come July 1st, 2014, half of the year will be over and the summer will officially be in full swing with the 4th of July a few days away.  While it may be extremely enticing to enjoy the beautiful weather, unfortunately a lot of us work Monday through Friday and miss out on embracing the sunshine during the week.  However, if you are looking to allow your employees a day off during the week and reward them for all of the hard work they have done the past six months, something you can do is either have a company golf event at our country club, or rent out our pool facilities for the day!

As one of largest golf courses in the Philadelphia area, Northampton Valley Country Club has played host to a number of golf outings that have either been for charities, fundraisers, or even team-building.  If there is any other reason that you can think of to have a golf outing, just let us know and we can have the details worked out for you as soon as you call us!

Company pool parties can be both fun and relaxing.  At Northampton, we have our very own swimming pool that rivals the ones that you see in the Olympics!  Those who rent our swimming pool for the day or evening will also have the chance to pick food to be served from our various menus.  Our pool is also family-friendly for both adults and children to swim comfortably!

If you are looking to give your employees one day to enjoy the summer weather during the week, call us at Northampton Valley Country Club today!  We will be sure to throw a party or put together a golf outing that they will never forget!


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