Get Back Into the Golf Season with These Tips

The spring season is here, and soon we’ll be spending our free time on the golf course. After the brutal winter weather we’ve experienced, there will be nothing quite like stepping up to the tee box for the first time. Of course, we’ll have to shake off the cobwebs and could see a slice or two before we fully get warmed up. Is this the year you finally break 90 or even 80 on your scorecard?

It starts with a little practice. Get your swing and comfort level back with a couple trips to the driving range before your first tee time. However, the driving range and the course are two completely different experiences. To get back into the golf season with a great round and a boost of confidence for the long season upcoming, follow these tips to lower your score card.

Start with Putting. Getting a read for the green and the speed the ball will travel is one of the most difficult and important factors to get your feel back. You need to putt well to score well, and this is an area that we make available without any charge. Our putting green amasses over 3,000 square feet and includes a large variety of pin positions. Try uphill, downhill, short and long putts with multiple breaks to get a feel for every type of putt when you’re out on the course. Whether at your home or on a putting green, try to make a dozen in a row from different distances before moving on with your practice.

Regain your Short Touch. Practice chipping and pitching around the green or at the driving range. You shouldn’t concentrate on how far your drives travel, but your approach to the green. Most of your time on the course will consist of shots inside 150 yards. Practice the swing before you step behind the ball. Use just your front arm (left arm for righties and right arm for lefties), and practice swinging as if the club was an extension of your arm. When you step up to the ball, continue to use one hand and make impact at the point where your arm and the shaft of the club are in a straight line.  One handed drills will get your short game back on track. When it comes time for your first round of the season, check out our blog on that subject to learn how to master the art and take your game to the next level.

Focus on Fundamentals. Don’t think too much. Just swing in a smooth motion, and make sure to keep your head behind the ball. During your time on the range, you want to make solid contact and make sure you work on the flaws in your swing. From the setup to the follow through, you should feel as if you’re swinging easy to find the center of the clubface at impact for the best results. Go through the clubs you use most often, from the driver down to the sand wedge, and make sure you’re comfortable.

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Stretch. Make sure you’re in shape before your first round. From hip rotation to glutes to your torso, you want to prime your muscles before getting back into action. You can use swinging dumbbells or medicine balls, but the easiest way is to swing a couple of irons back and forth to rotate your hips.

Practicing before your first round of the year results in confidence in your swing. When you’re confident you’ll play better, and start the season on the right foot. Don’t step up to the tee without preparing for the season, or you’ll wind up with a score you’re not happy with. If you’re interested in lessons, contact us, or stop by before your first round for practice on our range.