Four Tips to Save Money Planning Your Wedding

So, your boyfriend proposed to you in an elaborate and unique way. You’re both jumping for joy at the thought of tying the knot one day. If will be here sooner than you think, so you had better get started planning that day and that wedding!

But, maybe you and your soon-to-be hubby haven’t struck gold as of yet. Regardless, you don’t have to spend a ton of dough! There are ways you can save some money and still have a beautiful wedding. We’re providing you with four tips to do just that.

Plan the reception and wedding at the same spot.

If you’re on a budget, we would suggest booking the reception and the wedding at the same place. Why make guests travel further than they’re already going? It will save you and your loved ones the hassle of transporting to another location. Come on, think about Grandma. Her dream is to see her little granddaughter get married and it makes it an inconvenience and to relocate and move to another location.

Pick simple Stationary.

You don’t have to make your wedding invitations too glamorous. Sure, you’d like them to look pretty, but there’s no need to go too over the top. When you opt for colored invitations, it tends to be more expensive. Instead, choose basic black ink and limited calligraphy. You can still make them appear exquisite, but just do it in a more creative manner.

Opt for an inexpensive gown.

Choosing the perfect gown can be a task in itself. While growing up, all little girls envision what their wedding dress will look like. There might be specific designs you want your dress to have. Lace? Strapless? Glittery? Poofy? Straight? Regardless of the style, you know what you want. There are bridal shops you can purchase discounted gowns that will still live up to your standards. This might not be ideal, but if you’re in search of ways to save money, this may just be the ticket!

Look for venues with wedding specials.

In the same regard, you’ve visualized where you’d like to get married. In a church? Aquarium? Mountain? On a boat? Country Club? When searching for the perfect spot, you should check out wedding specials. Northampton Valley Country Club offers wedding specials for fall, winter and spring. In the fall, at just $75 per person, they offer couples and their guests a five hour open bar, gorgeous centerpieces, sweetheart table, champagne, tea and coffee, decorated wedding cake, and a gazebo.

As one of the top places for wedding receptions in Bucks County, we offer plenty of customized wedding packages, two elegant ballrooms, and a breathtaking view as well as an outdoor ceremony. Plan your perfect wedding today at our Bucks County country club!

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