Do You Have To Wear A White Wedding Dress?

There are no “official” wedding rules you need to follow. Also, one particular wedding “rule,” that you have to wear a white wedding dress—is not even a rule at all, it’s a myth. In fact, the color white was not recognized as a wedding dress color until the former Queen of the United Kingdom—Queen Victoria made it popular during her wedding to Prince Albert over 175 years ago. Before that time, most brides were allowed to wear whatever color they wanted too, with the most popular being red or silver. And the same goes for today. Weddings are anything but the ordinary these days, so do not worry about whether or not your dress needs to be white. It’s your day, and you should wear whatever color you want—as this is what matters most of all!

Where can you find colored wedding dresses?

Believe it or not, David’s Bridal provides a ton of colored wedding dresses via their website.  Some of the colors that we came across were gold, light blue, gray and lavender.  Additionally, David’s Bridal also provides different styles of dresses to choose from such as halter neck dresses, sleeveless dresses, strapless dresses, sleeveless V-neck dresses and much more.

Another avenue that we found was a great source to find ideas and/or colors for a wedding dress is Pinterest.  If you were to type in “Colored Wedding Dresses,” in the Pinterest search bar you may find the following colors listed:  blush, blue, champagne, pink, black, red, purple as well as hundreds of dresses showcased immediately below.  What’s so great about Pinterest is that instead of taking the time to Google:  “Where can I find a colored wedding dress,” you can click on the Pinterest post you like and find the website the dress is featured on.  Most of the time the photo posted is from a wedding dress retailer!

When it all comes down to it, what color wedding dress you wear is up to you.  Do not let the so-called “rule” aka myth:  “You need to wear a white wedding dress,” keep you from wearing what you want!