Do Bridesmaids Give A Wedding Gift?

If you are either a bridesmaid or a bride searching for the answer to if a “bridesmaid should give a wedding gift,” you will be hard-pressed to find a definitive answer on the Internet.  This is because a question such as this also depends on many factors such as how much the bridesmaid spent on the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or if they had to make travel arrangements for a destination wedding or evening to travel in from out of town.  Not to mention there are the other costs such as the dress, hair, makeup, and shoes.  The list can also be much longer for how much a bridesmaid needs to spend depending on all of the pre-wedding and wedding day activities.

At least Give A Card!

One thing that we know from our decades of hosting wedding receptions in Bucks County is that bridesmaids, you should at least give a card!  Whether or not you give an actual monetary gift is up to you, but what you need to think about is the overall cost of what you have spent on your friend or relative.

For example, these days most bridesmaids split the cost of the bridal shower.  However, if it just so happens that you didn’t pay a cent, nor did you give an (expensive) gift that day, you may want to give the bride and groom something on their special day.  While many of you may be seeing dollar signs pop into your head, something else you could do besides give them a check or cash is to make them something or purchase something (moderately priced) off of their registry.

Like we said earlier, there is no definitive answer as to whether you should or shouldn’t give a gift, it really all depends on where you are financially with the overall cost of the wedding.  The best thing you can do from the very beginning is be upfront with the bride if you feel like you will be unable to give a gift.  Some brides will just be happy to know that you can be with them on their special day, and they will also be grateful for all that you have done in regards to the pre-wedding activities—especially if you dished out a lot for the bridal shower and bachelorette party!

When it all comes down to it, weddings are expensive for everyone.  Brides should be aware that the bridesmaids may be unable to afford all of the expenses of the wedding, and bridesmaids should know their limits when it comes to performing their bridesmaid duties.  Take it from us; we have seen many Bucks County weddings and everything that goes into them from the very beginning to the final goodbye as the bride and groom ride off to their honeymoon!  If everything is out on the table for as to what is to be expected in the very beginning, there will be a lot less stress for everyone!


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