Dinner, Drinks, or Dessert—Do You Need All Three At Your Wedding?

If you and your fiancé are worried about what you should or shouldn’t serve for dinner, dessert, or are contemplating if you need an open bar during your wedding reception, maybe you could alleviate some of the stress and cut one out altogether.  If you are on a budget, doing this may also help to save some money on the overall cost of the wedding!

Although most people opt to have all three because it is “traditional,” some couples are all for skipping dinner and serving some hors d’oeuvres, a wide variety of desserts, plus an open bar.  These days, weddings are also more different from one another than they have ever been, and there are many weddings that have skipped the food courses and went straight to desserts.

If you feel like you want to skip out on serving an actual dinner or lunch (depending on what time of day the wedding is) one of the things we suggest is making sure your invitation spells out how the wedding will play out.  If your guests go expecting no dinner, they will probably eat beforehand so that they are not going around saying how hungry they are to you are any other guests!

There is no book of rules that says you have to have dinner or even a cake these days.  Unlike many other wedding venues in Bucks County, we at Northampton Valley Country Club also understand how non-traditional weddings have become and do everything to guarantee that the needs of our clients are met—even if it means foregoing dinner and serving a plethora of desserts, plus even a candy station!

So, Dinner, Drinks, or Dessert—Do You Need All Three At Your Wedding?  The answer is simple—your wedding is about you and your fiancé…what do you need to make yourselves happy during this big day in your lives?

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