Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

Choosing a great photographer for your wedding is very important! You should not only like their work, but also like their personality. It is essential to choose a professional photographer who has experience shooting weddings.  While looking for the perfect photographer keep the following points in mind.

Be Yourselves

It is important that you relax and be yourself while meeting with the photographer. This way the photographer can get to know your personality and style.


Look for photographers who not only have a good book, but who have also shot weddings before. You do not want rookies learning their mistakes on your wedding!

Pick An Established Photographer

Make sure you hire a photographer from an established photography studio that has a stable, ongoing business. Not a part-timer who operates out of their basement? Keep in mind that bridal shows can be a good place to find a photographer.

Take Engagement Photos

Engagement sessions allow you to warm up to your photographer which translates into a much more relaxed wedding day. Nothing is worse than meeting the clients the day of the wedding when the stress level is at its highest. You want a positive experience from beginning to end and most of all love all your pictures for years to come.

Hire Someone That Fits Your Style

Some wedding photographers are great at formal shots and poses. While others are great at documentary shots. Make sure to check out the photographer’s book and see if there’s anything that catches your eye, and if there is not ask them if they can accomplish what you are looking for.

Excellence At A Fair Price

With photography, you get what you pay for, and you only have one shot to get this right, so make sure you hire a talented, accomplished photographer who will capture your big day like you want.

The Right Personality

Your photographer will be all over your wedding, directing you, and interacting with your wedding party and guests so you want them to have the right personality.

Discuss Fees and Extras

Find out what’s included in terms of prints, reprints, albums, etc.