Tips on How to Practice Smart at the Driving Range

With the weather continuing to get better, every golfer is just itching to get out there on a beautiful golf course, like Northampton Valley Country Club, to play a round for the first or tenth time this year! If it’s

Researchers Shed Light on the Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Ever wonder what playing golf does for your health? Well, a recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that playing golf is likely to help increase one’s life expectancy, prevent chronic disease and boost mental health. This

Small and Intimate vs. Large and Lavish: A Guide to Planning a Wedding That Fits You

One of the first things brides-to-be think of when they start the wedding planning process is where am I going to have my wedding, and who am I going to invite? The venue size is of utmost importance when it

3 Tips for Brides Hosting an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in the Summer

Romantic and magical, scenic and charming These are just some of the words that can describe the setting of an outdoor wedding ceremony. There is something special about exchanging vows amongst the cool summer breeze, under bright blue skies, and

Getting Ready for the Spring Golf Season

Although we’re not completely out of the woods yet, the colder temperatures are finally beginning to fade as we move in closer to spring. After a long winter, the staff here at Northampton Valley Country Club would like to give

3 Reasons to Get Memberships for Your Family at NVCC this Spring

Have you been entertaining the idea of signing up your family for a membership at a Country Club? Here are three reasons why you should go through with it at NVCC this spring: Take advantage of the opportunity to bond

5 Must Have Ideas for a Spring Wedding

Northampton Valley Country Club is a gorgeous wedding venue in Bucks County, PA that hosts indoor or outdoor spring wedding celebrations. If you’re considering a spring wedding in the future here are some unique spring wedding trends to guarantee your

How to Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams on a Budget

A newly engaged couple might think planning a wedding is going to send them spiraling into debt for the next 20 years. The average wedding in 2015 cost $32,641, according to The Knot’s website – and that is a $5,000

Shake the Rust Off Your Swing Before Spring

Leading up to spring, a lot of golfers try to shake the rust off their swings and get a preseason advantage by practicing important drills. A lot of drills, though, aren’t as effective as others. It’s very important to polish

6 Reasons to Get a Golf Membership This Spring

Are you thinking about signing up for a golf membership this spring? It might turn out to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Here are six reasons to do so: Is it time for you to find

4 Reasons NVCC is the Best Golf Course in Bucks County

Interested in combining your love for golf with the perfect social environment? Here are four reasons to join NVCC this year: Golf facilities. At NVCC, members can take advantage of onsite practice facilities, including the 250-yard driving range driving range

Tips on Improving Your Wedge Shots


Follow the advice below to improve your wedge shots while playing on a golf course in Bucks County, PA or anywhere else next spring! Why are people such bad wedge players? Simply put, a lot of golfers never learned the

A Few Things That Your Bridesmaids Should and Shouldn’t Pay For

Here at Northampton Valley Country Club, we know how hard it can be for many brides to ask their bridesmaids to pay for certain things. We also know that for some, that it’s extremely hard because how much a bridesmaid

Should You Invite Your Coworkers and Boss to Your Wedding?

Here at Northampton Valley Country Club, one of the most common questions we are asked by couples are “Should I invite my coworkers and boss to my wedding?” Well, our answer is usually this, you shouldn’t feel obligated to invite

Having a Large Wedding? Here Are 3 Things You Should Keep in Mind

Are you having 200+ guests at your wedding? As a Bucks County-based venue that has hosted numerous small and large wedding receptions, we know how overwhelming it can be to have a wedding with a large guest list. In fact,

Some Dos and Don’ts for Wedding Music

You can guarantee that because we’ve hosted a countless number of wedding receptions at our Bucks County, PA, venue over the years, that we know how the music is surely one aspect of your big day you want to make

What to Know if You Plan on Having a Flower Girl at Your Wedding

Isn’t a flower girl simply one of the most adorable parts of any wedding ceremony? These days, some weddings have them and others don’t, and there are many reasons why someone may or may not. If you’re thinking about whether

Chipping Exercise: Helping You Be More Aggressive

One thing that a lot of golfers struggle with when they’re chipping, is leaving the shot short of the hole or even the green. Instead of swinging the club through the ball, they tend to hold back their momentum, causing

5 Tips to Consider When Completing Your Wedding Registry

As a Bucks County venue that has played host to many weddings for the past several decades, you can be rest assured that we know all of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to wedding planning and etiquette. In

4 Tips on Staying on Top of Your Golf Game This Winter

Stay on top of your golf game this offseason, so you can improve your skills by the time the warm weather returns. To help you enter into spring without ever missing a beat, here are four tips to consider: Exercise.