Beginner Tips For Female Golfers Part 2

We briefly touched on this same topic in our blog titled: “2 Beginner Tips For Female Golfers,” but we thought it would be good to share a couple more tips to help first-time female golfers step up their game.

While you can certainly feel free to read our previous blog installment for the first two tips, what follows are two more things that female golfers can do to move past the beginner stage:

1. Keep Playing As Much As You Possibly Can (or at least go to the range consistently)

Continuing to play will help to make you that much better.  If you have a strong desire to play this should also be something that you would be doing any way, but for those who are just playing golf “for something to do,” or because “they need to do it for their job,” we can see how it might be hard to do consistently.  After all, if you truly enjoy doing something—playing a sport, cooking, reading, and writing—you would do it consistently to get better at it.  What’s that phrase?  Oh yeah, practice makes perfect!

2. Join A League

Sure, you should be taking lessons, but another thing you can do improve your game is to join a local beginner’s league.  Being part of a beginner’s league will not only have you playing amongst golfers that are at your same skill level, but it will also be a competitive yet fun environment.  Doing this before you head out to actually show off your skills will make it less stressful when it actually comes time to play that “real” round of golf.

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