Be On Time For Your Best Friend’s Wedding!

I must be honest; being on time isn’t one of my strong points. If I’m supposed to be at a destination at a specific time, I lack the skills to actually arrive at that given moment. You would think I’d learn, but nope.

This should be especially true when you’re going to a friend’s wedding. Come on, would you want one of your best gal pals to arrive late on your wedding day? You only get one special day and you don’t want a friend missing any part or the entire event.

In regards to weddings, Northampton Valley Country Club has seen it all. They’ve witnessed people slip in late and have watched the brides face cringe at this sight!

To better explain this, let’s provide a scenario. So, your friend is at the alter reciting her vows and looks over to see you walk in. First off, you feel completely embarrassed because you’ve just ruined your friend’s day. Also, everyone in the room is staring and judging you. Why would you put yourself through that? Unless it’s a family emergency or some sort of important reason, please don’t be late.

Another thing about being late to a wedding is the bride may have a certain schedule planned and she needs to wait a long time for her guests to arrive, this pushes everything back. It may conflict with her plans. You don’t want to have that happen. So, in order to prevent that, just arrive on time or early and you will have nothing to worry about!

Northampton Valley Country Club, one of the best wedding reception locations Bucks County in PA, provides the best reception services after your dream wedding. Not only does it serve as the perfect after wedding venue, it’s also a favorite for a Bucks County Wedding!

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