Bands vs. DJs: What to Consider

Planning a wedding reception in Bucks County? Choice of entertainment is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make.

Should you go with a band or DJ for your wedding reception? Well, there’s a lot to consider before making that decision. Does the venue have room for a large band, or would a DJ be a more efficient use of space? Do you want an unlimited song selection or a band with a very particular set of skills? Do you want to spring for a blowout event or still want to have a dime or two left in the bank after your wedding?


Money is a major factor, and bands can be expensive. Bands need to cover the costs of travel and transport of equipment, not to mention rehearsal time and setup at the event. Multiply these expenses by several band members and it adds up. DJs often have less equipment and there is usually only one of them. With total wedding costs averaging about $25,000, couples on a budget will want to be frugal wherever possible. Hiring a DJ over a band can save you thousands of dollars. Of course there are expensive DJs and affordable bands, but this is the general rule.

Maybe you do have the money to spend on a great band. In that case, consider the organic dynamism a band can offer that even the most energetic DJ may not be able to match. Trained musicians producing music from actual instruments creates a completely unique experience that you wouldn’t get from a DJ. The band’s collective energy can bring the room to life.

On the other hand, what if you have a very eclectic taste in music, and the band doesn’t have your favorite obscure 80s Swedish pop tunes in their repertoire? DJs are great because they can access almost any music you may think of. Even on the spot, a DJ might be able to pull out a record that occurs to you and put it on, whereas even very knowledgeable bands may just not know certain songs.

Whatever entertainment you decide on, Northampton Valley Country Club’s wedding venues in Bucks County can accommodate bands or DJs. Go to Northampton for all of your wedding reception needs.

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