Attending Your First Business Golf Outing? Here Are A Few Things You Should Keep In Mind!

So, you’ve played golf before, but you’ve never had to break out the clubs for a business golf outing.  You may feel nervous.  You may think that if you don’t golf well in front of your peers or your boss that you will make a bad impression.  Well, relax!  Golf outings are meant to be fun and casual!  Plus, you do not have to be a pro!

One thing we do suggest though, is visiting a driving range or visiting the golf club beforehand so that you get a feel for the terrain and swinging a golf club.  By doing this will you will feel more comfortable when it comes time to show off your golf skills.  If you really want to get into the groove of things, try finding a golf club that offers lessons—much like we do at Northampton Valley Country Club!

Business golf outings are supposed to be professional, yet casual events, so you should be mindful about what you wear.  You do not have to be dressed head to toe in a business suit or uniform, the keyword that works here is “business casual.”  The best things to wear will be nice polo shirts or of course—golf shirts!  No matter what the case, you will be doing a decent amount of walking this day, so make sure that you wear comfortable attire that is also appropriate.

If you are comfortable with your golf game and the other business professionals are clearly out of their league, you should remember that you need to keep things positive.

Provide encouragement and remember that even though it is all about business, this is still meant to be something fun to do.  If you take it too serious, your business talk may also take a turn for the worse!

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