Are You Looking For A Good Golf Magazine? Check Out These 3!

Are you a golf enthusiast?  If you are (and you are also a voracious reader) chances are that you probably wouldn’t mind picking up a good golf magazine to read once in a while.

We know that there are so many options out there, but after a little bit of research we found that most listed these top 3 golf magazines as “the best”:  Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and Golf World.  Let’s take a look at each of them:

Golf Digest

Golf Digest was first issued over 65 years ago and is considered to be the top-rated golf publication in the United States.  This magazine covers everything from what is going on in the golf world to providing its readers with articles offering tips, tricks, and techniques to make them better golfers.  Currently, this magazine is published on a monthly basis and subscriptions are available for about $20 a year.

Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine was founded back in 1960 and is often recognized as being Golf Digest’s closest competitor.  However, what may differentiate this magazine the most from that of its competitors is that even non-golfers might find themselves entertained with the content.  Everything from feedback of all of the latest equipment to surveys of golf courses all over the world is featured in this magazine.

Golf World

Typically, magazines are published once a month, but not Golf World.  First issued in 1947, Golf World is ideal for those who don’t mind reading a new issue every week.  What’s more, this magazine stands out because it can provide detailed previews and coverage of all of the major tournaments.  Those who desire to subscribe to Golf World will also find that this magazine is now only available online as the print edition ended its run back in July 2014.

Do you have a favorite golf magazine?  Let us know in your comments below!