A List Of The Top 2 Golf Books To Check Out In January 2015

If there is one thing to turn to besides Northampton Valley Country Club’s practice facilities when your golf game is suffering, try reading a book on the game you love.  To help you decide, we thought it would be great to provide our readers with a list of the top 2 books about golf, as listed on Amazon.com.

If you were to type “Best Golf Books” in Amazon.com’s search box, the first book to show up as their #1 best-selling golf book is:

“Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons:  The Modern Fundamentals of Golf.”

It’s easy to see why Amazon rated this as #1 on their list of golf books.  Currently, the book has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating as well as over 817 customer reviews.  As mentioned by one of the reviews on Amazon, this book serves as the ideal instruction manual for beginners. That is not to say that it is also capable of helping out seasoned professionals.  What makes this book a must-read for golf lovers is the fact is was written by one of America’s greatest golfers—Ben Hogan.  So, if you are looking to learn a thing (or ten things) from one of this past century’s greatest golfers, this is certainly one piece of literature that is worth looking into.

The 2nd highest selling golf book on Amazon.com is:

“The Golf Book:  Twenty Years of the Players, Shots, and Moments that Changed the Game.”

Immediately under the price of the book you will find its description—and the description says it all.  This book is recognized by the Golf Channel as being a must have for every golf fan, player, or historian.  Aside from boasting a 4.9 out of 5 star rating, as well as over 32 near-perfect reviews, readers of the book have indicated that this is one the most well-written and compelling books ever published about the game of golf.  As mentioned in the description, the book is filled with stories from many of the sport’s most recognizable and memorable players, as well as beautiful photographs.  In all, for those of you that are looking to learn about the history of the sport, you may find that this is one book that is worthy of being added to that collection of books sitting in your home or closet.

There are many other books you can read to put your mind on the golf course as you’re stuck indoors this winter. When the spring arrives, you can use all the lessons you learned from Hogan and Millard to apply to your game. Make the most of golf this winter and read these books before your first tee time in the spring.