6 Reasons to Join a Country Club

One of the questions we hear sometimes from our visitors is “Why should I join a country club?” Usually, these questions arise from Philadelphia area residents who are attending golf outings.

Our question is “Why don’t more people join country clubs?”

The truth is that many people get hung up on price. Initiation dues generally run upwards of $1K at the cheapest; but, afterward, monthly dues are usually quite reasonable if you know what you want out of your country club experience.

Maybe you’ve been kicking that idea around for a little while and you’re looking for some guidance. If so, take a look at some of the useful information we’ve garnered from our 51 plus years of experience.

1.       Great Playing Venues

Country club golf courses are far and away the best places to tee off and get a few holes in. Why? Because they are manicured so well, and the grounds are always kept up to par.

2.       Reservations

Most clubs allow you to reserve tee times. While you can do this most places, there is much less competition for time slots at country clubs because of how exclusive they are, or if you are a member at a public course you can get prime tee times.

3.       Access to Facilities

Country clubs aren’t just golf courses. As a member, you’ll likely have access to a pool, a locker room, and dining options. These are the some of the best perks of membership.

4.       Save Money on Golf

That’s right, you can save a boatload of cash by joining a country club. Think about it: How much do you spend on golf monthly? $300? $400? $1,000? Don’t get scared off by initiation costs – those are one time. Eat the price once and then reap the many benefits of being a country club member.

5.       Make a few new friends

You’ll likely spend your time golfing with other members (unless you’re signing up with friends). Remember: You’re joining a club. Clubs are social!

6.       Events

Are you a budding socialite looking to engage with other like-minded people? Maybe you want to network a bit and make a few business connections. Perhaps you just like to party. Regardless, joining a country club is a great way to address these questions.

Here at Northampton Valley Country Club, we are consistently ranked as one of the best country clubs and one of the best public golf courses in the greater Philadelphia area. Give us a call for more information about the benefits of joining a country club. If you’d like some more information about us and what we offer, take a look around our website.