5 Tips To Help Make Your Wedding More Affordable

As a country club that has hosted many Bucks County wedding ceremonies and receptions, we are extremely familiar with what couples go through when trying to find the funds to pay for their big day. So, we do everything that we can to help them budget and save enough money, but that will also still allow them to have the wedding they have always wanted.

Inevitably, there are a many ways that couples can make their wedding more affordable. In fact, a lot of it comes down to cutting out a bunch of small things that cost a ton of money.

If you have a flexible schedule for you and your family, and are willing to plan far in advance, choose a weekday for your wedding.

There is no doubt about it, off-peak days—as in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday—will be the cheaper days to have your wedding. If something won’t work out during the week, late fall and winter weddings are also much cheaper than those in the spring or summer.

The only drawback from this can be that your friends and loved ones will have a hard time travelling or getting time off. But, you can avoid this by scheduling your wedding far enough in advance that your guests will be able to plan for it.

Narrow done the guest list to who you really want to attend.

This is probably going to be one of the hardest things to do because you do not want leave anyone out or leave anyone upset. But, opting out of inviting some distant relatives (that you rarely talk to) and young children, while just inviting the parents, will save you money as well.

Exchange vows in the same place that you have the reception.

Exchanging your vows in a house of worship and then travelling to the venue will be costly. Not only will you have to pay your wedding coordinator to move ceremony arrangements, but you will also have to pay for supplementary transportation.

Opt for a plated dinner instead of a buffet.

There are pros and cons to both plated dinners and buffets. A plated dinner will save you from having to order too much food (which can cost a lot), but it means that you will have to pay the servers. If you really want to try and save money on food, work with your caterer to narrow down the cheapest option.

Forget the champagne toast.

Want to save money on the booze? Well, turn your champagne toast into just a “toast.” Your guests do not need a glass of champagne—they can use whatever drink they want and have when it comes time to fulfill the needs of this wedding tradition. Also, think about how many people do not like the taste of champagne, and prefer water like the one gentleman in this photo:

We have hosted many weddings where whole tables have left their glasses of champagne untouched.

Want to hear more ways that you can save? Call us! Every wedding reception we host at our Bucks County venue is nothing short of remarkable—even if the bride and groom have made it more economical!