5 Tips to Get Ready for Golf Season

While we may be in the midst of winter hibernation, it will soon be time to wearily rise from our mighty slumbers and triumphantly march back into our respective country clubs to kick off another glorious season of golf.

Surely, if you are anything like the Delaware Valley’s other golfers, you’re chomping at the bit to back on the course. If that sounds like you, take a few minutes to read the following tips that the experts here at Bucks County’s premier golf course put together to help you hit the ground running this spring.

1.       Equipment

  • Invest in a new pair of shoes. You can usually find a pair with a waterproof guarantee relatively easily. Chances are that guarantee will be good for up to two years, too. If you do not have the means to invest in a new pair of shoes, replace the cleats at the very least. You can usually get this done for around $20-$30.
  • Tend to your grips! If you can, replace them. If you can’t, at the very least you should clean them with a hot, soapy rag.

2.       Exercise

If you haven’t kept the strictest offseason workout regimen, it’s not too late to do something to get yourself in shape! Pay attention to your core and your glutes. These are centers for stability, posture, and power – each of which you’ll need to tear it up on the course this year.

3.       Work on Your Putting Stroke

Focus on your putting stroke, because it can be a bit funny your first time out after a few months off. Set up a practice area that will allow you to get your full range of motion. If you don’t have many options in terms of finding a practice hole, you can always just use a cup. Regardless, working on your putting stroke in the offseason can pay major dividends during the season.

4.       Take A Refresher Lesson

There is no shame in doing a bit of preliminary work with a professional golf instructor. We’re not talking about revamping your whole game here, just a nice little run through to make sure your fundamentals are sound.

5.       Get Your Passes and Memberships in Order

If you can, take care of all of the little things like club dues and range passes before the start of the season to avoid any potential hiccups to deter your playing time.

We hope you found these tips useful! If you’re looking for a great spot to play golf this spring, then look no further than Northampton Valley Country Club. Give us a call to find out what makes us one of the best public golf courses in Bucks County.