5 Things to Keep in Your Golf Bag

Warmer weather is coming soon. The sun is shining longer and brighter. Pretty soon, birds will be chirping and flowers will be blooming. You know what that means, It’s time to start getting ready for golf season in the Northeast. Like most things, preparation is key to making your first few rounds as good as (or better than) your last few. In this blog, we’re going to go over five things you should definitely keep in your golf bag, beyond the normal balls, tees and clubs, so you’re better prepared when you venture out for those first couple rounds at your local Bucks County golf course or any other area course like Northampton Valley Country Club.


1. Gloves- Keep your hands dry, protected and fresh. It feels great to make that skin-to-grip contact, but a glove will keep your grip whether wet or dry, and, therefore help control your swing for stronger, longer shots. Gloves also protect your hands from getting torn up and blistered from swinging the clubs for 18 holes. As an added bonus, they ending up saving you maintenance on your clubs because the grips will last longer when using a glove.

2. A Ball Marker- It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. A quarter or any coin will most often do the trick. A ball marker saves you the trouble of putting a tee down or any other obstacle when you don’t need one. Putting a ball marker down on the green is a lot nicer than blocking your playing partners’ putt with a tee or another object. Don’t be that guy. Show your gold etiquette and bring a quarter.

3. A Sharpie Marker- Just a plain old permanent marker. If you open that new pack or box of balls, you want to be able to identify them as yours as you make your way through the course. By marking your balls, you save confusion on the course and are more likely to go home with the balls you left with.

4. A Rangefinder/Golf GPS- These little inventions can be invaluable to a player of any level. Light, small and durable. These devices help to calculate the distance to the hole and the distances of the hazards between the hole and you.

5. Water- Yes, water. Probably more important than anything else on this list, staying hydrated is serious. Whether you’re golfing in the early spring or during the dog days of summer dehydration on the golf course impacts your game and can even harm you in the long run.


We hope you enjoyed our breakdown of five important things to keep in your golf bag. As one of the best public golf courses near Philadelphia, all of these items are available at our pro shop.