5 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Wedding Dress

For many women, finding the wedding dress of their dreams can be difficult.

We thought it would be great to provide some brides-to-be with some tips that will make finding that perfect wedding dress easy!

In fact, it all starts with what time you schedule your wedding dress appointment…

Have you ever visited a bridal store during the evening? They are anything BUT busy and often full of a burnt out staff that is tired of pulling dresses off the rack. So, the first thing we suggest you do to find that dream dress is to schedule an appointment early in the day. Why? If you do it in the morning or early afternoon, you will have a greater chance of receiving undivided attention for the staff. Not to mention it will be less crowded! Lastly (if possible) we highly suggest that you schedule an appointment during a weekday.

Focus on a wedding dress that fits your style, not a wedding dress that is trending!

While you might feel the desire to wear a wedding dress close to what your favorite celebrity wore, it is better to choose one that fits your personality. Also, if you choose a wedding dress just because everyone picks that type of gown these days, you might find yourself saying “What was I thinking?!” when you open your wedding album years down the road!

Bring a camera when you go shopping.

Aside from having an audience and mirrors to look at the bridal shop, take your camera. While the mirror will certainly do most of the selling, snapping some photographs of what a dress looks like on you from every angle you will give you a better idea of how it will look in the final wedding photographs.

Try on as many wedding dresses as you possibly can!

There is no doubt that this “tip” will be the most annoying one for your family or friends that are out wedding dress shopping with you. According to an article we found on Glamour.com (and that quoted celebrity wedding stylist Nicole Janowicz), it is important for women try on as many dresses as possible because while they might look good (or bad) on the rack, they might look different on their body. Plus, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you shouldn’t rush into making any decisions because you might regret them later!

Don’t worry about the size of the wedding dress, it can be altered.

So, you have found the perfect dress. But, it’s too big! Instead of considering your second option, take a deep breath—wedding gowns usually run two or three sizes larger than the average size. After that, you can get back to how it looks on you besides worrying about finding the right size gown!

If you would like more tips on how to find that perfect wedding dress, we have plenty of experience with weddings, so give us a call here at Northampton Valley Country Club! We know plenty of bridal shops on the area, and we will certainly have you on your way to finding the exact type of gown you are looking for!