4 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding days are supposed to be something out of a storybook, right? The wedding is expected to be a fairytale day that the special couple will remember for the rest of their lives. Whether you’re planning to have an under-the-sea bash or planning to become Cinderella and Prince Charming for the day, choosing the perfect wedding venue will make all the difference.

One of the biggest decisions an engaged couple can make is picking the right wedding venue to hold their wedding ceremony or reception. This will also affect other decisions such as the budget, decoration, and even attire. There are many wedding venues in Bucks County, PA perfectly suitable for a wedding. The Northampton Valley Country Club is a wonderful choice for the happy couple’s day. But for those who want to look around before deciding, here are four tips for picking the perfect wedding venue:

1.    Estimate the number of people – The amount of guests coming to your wedding can help determine what kind of venue you need. If you want a small wedding, you’ll probably want to choose a small and inexpensive venue. If you want a large wedding with lots of people, a big and more expensive venue would be more suitable.

2.    Figure out how much you’re willing to spend – Search online venue directories to see rates on different venues for weddings in Bucks County, or other areas near you. Keep in mind how many other expenses you’ll need to cover. It’s typically a good idea to spend about or less than 50% of your wedding budget on the venue.

3.    Determine the wedding style you want – Choosing the wedding style and ambiance can really narrow your choices for choosing a wedding venue. If you want more of a country theme for your wedding, farms and ranches can be ideal. If you’re longing for more of a royalty wedding theme, venues with ballrooms and breathtaking views are the perfect choice.

4.    Tour potential venues and pick the right one – Go out and see for yourself what the potential venues look like in person. Then choose the venue that speaks to you and your spouse the most, considering all of the factors, such as price, size, and style match up with your interests.

These are the four tips on how to choose the right wedding venue. If you don’t want to go all that trouble, you can just choose Northampton Valley Country Club for your wedding venue needs. To learn more about this venue, contact 215-809-2997.